Real-Time Zooming Math Engine (rtzme)


Real-Time Zooming Math Engine is a mathematical tool for students and researchers who are interested in exploring complex plane geometry.

rtzme is a multiplatform, multi-OS software. It is free - for details see the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Most recent version is: 0.7.4 (2010-06-26) which has an on-the-fly expression evaluator under nice graphical user interface (wxWidgets). It is currently in production/stable stage, so you are welcome to try it out.

You can download the latest executable or the development tarball from the SourceForge website.

We appreciate your feedback. You can find more details about it in the README file of the development package.

rtzme Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Zoltan Kovacs, Csaba Varro, Robert Barak and Arpad Fekete.

The primary author thanks their help to the following people: Jan Hubicka (Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic), Zoltán Kovács (University of Debrecen, Hungary), Gabor Bakos (University of Szeged, Hungary), Hans Lundmark (Linköping University, Sweden), Robert Vajda (University of Szeged) and many others.

Most recent

Debian/Ubuntu repository
Download area for version 0.7.3+
rtzme wiki

Also downloadable

Development tarball for version 0.7.0
Linux executable of version 0.6 for SuSE 9.0 (may also work with other Linux versions)
Linux executable of version 0.5.1 for SuSE 8.2 and 9.0 (may also work with other Linux versions)
Linux executable of version 0.5.1 for SuSE 9.1 (may also work with other Linux versions)
Older versions

Further screenshots

v0.6 #1
v0.6 #2


SourceForge website

Underlying software

Formula Converter (formconv)
Another Tool for Language Recognition (antlr)
Allegro (no longer used)
Templated Command Line Argument Parser (tclap)
Sun Java 2 Software Development Kit (J2SDK)

Related software

WebMathematics Interactive

Zoltán Kovács (kovzol at math dot u dash szeged dot hu)

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